Friday, February 27, 2009

Sew Everything Workshop

I got this book today, I have been stalking sewing books on Amazon and saw this one here. It's out of stock one Amazon.

That's okay I was at borders with my 25% off coupon and saw this book was there so I picked it up because it got some really good reviews for beginners. I have these high inspirations to make my own clothes some day but I need to start somewhere.

So tonight I have been reading over the book... it has some really good tips and the person that wrote the book really knows how to write to connect to my generation I think, it just seems like a friend is teaching you to sew.

The one thing that bugs me though is she has this one project called "get patchy quilt" were she tells you to sew squares together to make a top and then tells you to quilt it in 2 pages... TWO PAGES... basically it say she says yeah just sandwich the top with some batting and back fabric and then sew it together than cut off the ends and sew some bias tape along the edges.

If only it was that simple! Okay maybe it is that simple, but I have been quilting for a while now and I must have like 20+ quilting books and none of them are 2 pages long. I mean learning to put binding on a quilt takes more than two pages in any given book and she explains it 2 sentences... granted she wants you to use bias tape but still!

Okay maybe I'm just upset because she summed up my favorite hobby into two pages which I took years to not even remotely master.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Bad

My bad... I have excuses though! j/k it doesn't really matter. ^_^

Though last week I was out all week because I had the flu... it was pretty steady at 101.8 for about 4 days, the worst was 102.9 which was on the second day of my flu. I have never had the flu this bad before... I went to the hospital and my doctor said I was lucky I got the flu shot because I probably would have had coughing and sneezing along with the flu but I only had the fever which last usually 3-6 days mine was about 4 and half with feeling pretty weak for about 3 days after.

It was kind of weird because I was just cold the first day... I had no idea why I was soooooooo cold and then Patrick suggested I take my temperature and yup 101.5 on the first day. I took some Advil and that helped a lot but I was still pretty cold, then I got super hot and then I would get grossly sweaty and then I would be fine for a few hours and then it would start all over again. The worst part was the cold... I was sooooo cold it felt like I was outside at night in my underwear!

I'm glad that's over.

In other news I have a new job - sort of - it's only temporary for 8 months working on some stuff for those in the know it starts with a T and ends with at. I start next month and when it's over I'll be back doing the work I do now, I think it will be great to gain experience and it sounds pretty fun. There is a ton of work still on the program I am now but they said they can let me do this thing for a few months. It's kind of funny I don't think my manager wants to let me go since we have so few people on our team... I think he's scared of losing me completely to this project... I think that's kind of sweet. ^_^

I haven't touched a sewing machine for about 2.5 weeks! That actually makes me feel sad...

Oh on other news I saw Donna today and she looked so fabulous! I love her hair style now, so super cute. ^_^

That is all now... hopefully I'll have my improv project block done this week and I can send it off. I know the deadline isn't till April but I want to get it in before it's due. ^_^