Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thread Tension - Janome Problem

When I bought my Janome, I was so excited I started using it right away. BUT the thread tension was weird. It didn't show up right at all. In fact I have to keep my tension for the upper part of my machine at close to 0! I didn't want to complain about it because it's suppose to be a better machine than my brother and I thought eventually it will somehow fix itself.

See it's been like this since I have gotten it. I did all the things I "knew" like
1. re-threaded the top thread - didn't help
2. re-threaded the bobbin thread - didn't help
3. changed the needle - didn't help
4. re-did the bobbin -didn't help

I'm sure there are other things you can do that I didn't think of or knew but these were the things that usually "fixed" my brother.

Well it worked when I had it set to 0 so I just lived with it.

Now after looking at the Hello Kitty comments it seems that people that bought the Hello Kitty sewing machine also had a thread problem! And it's a Janome too!

Anyways in the comments they actually said how to fix that problem! Lucky me. ^_^

So here is my plate and I'm suppose to take it off.

I'm lucky that my plate is only held down by one screw. I'm sure that's like everyone else. ;-)

So you're suppose to take the bobbin out with the bobbin holder.

This is my naked sewing machine! It was kind of dusty so I blew it out with my compressed air (that stuff you use to clean keyboards).

So here is my bobbin with it's bobbin holder.

Anyways in the comments (for the hello kitty sewing machine) it said to pull at the thread while it's in the bobbin hold. So it's suppose to have a nice tug. Not too loose or too tight.

It turns out that mine was really really loose. I had not problem tugging at all.

So to fix it all you have to do is take a little screw driver and for me I needed to tighten that screw between where my bobbin thread enters the bobbin holder and where it exits it.

BOOM that totally fixed my problem! Now I can have my top tread tension at 4 and have my stitches come out right. Sweet.

Anyways this really helped me and I thought if I blogged about it, it might help other people. ^_^

Thanks a bunch!