Friday, August 15, 2008

New books... sort of

After being so annoyed with Quiltigami (see last post). I decided to get another flower quilting book because I think it would be neat. I think I just need more direction or something. After reading a few reviews about other flower quilting books, I got this book Folded Flowers: Fabric Origami with a Twist of Silk Ribbon It's gotten pretty good reviews so we will see how it goes.

All in all there aren't very many fabric flower making books.

Just because you can't buy just one book at amazon (you need over $25 to get free shipping) I also got Quiltmaking Tips And Techniques: Over 1,000 Creative Ideas To Make Your Quiltmaking Quicker, Easier And A Lot More Fun which should be a good read. Though I have a lot of quilt books that give me tips... this one got a lot of good reviews and I don't think I know 1000 tips for quilting so this should be fun and interesting read. ^_^

When the books come in 1-2 weeks from now I'll write about them... hopefully. ;-)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I got a new book this weekend called Quiltagami.

I was so excited because all the quilts looked soooo cool. I could use my asian fabrics for this!!

It's basically using fabric as paper and make origami from it.

So I tried to make a simple flower and after failing twice I finally came out with this one.

It's super tiny and it took me about an hour to make. Lots of ironing and no sewing at all yet. So this is just ironed as I folded to keep it's shape and I still don't think it's that cute at all.

Yeah I'm not sure if I'm going to go through with making an Quiltagami. ^_^

Sunday, August 10, 2008

not a walking foot

I have always used a walking foot to quilt my quilts. I thought that was the way it was suppose to be.

Then while I was reading modern quilt workbook I wanted to try to quilt the quilt that Lynn made.

It didn't work when I was using my walking foot. I have always used the walking foot why doesn't it work I thought to myself.

Then I just flipped through one of the many quilting books I had and they said you need to use a darning foot for free motion quilting.

Darning foot? What's a darning foot...

I looked around my stuff and I found it. I had it all this time. I put it on to my machine.

Then I started quilting with my darning foot. I have never used this foot before... so here is the first attempt. I tried to do the quilting from the book, it's pretty bad but not horrible I thinks... then I tried to do a loopies and then I tried writing my name. It was pretty fun but not very good.

Hopefully in a month or two or three. I can show another sample of way better quilting.

I think a darning foot is amazing. I love how there is a spring that helps me with make sure I'm going the right amount every time I move the quilt. It's fun to watch it bounce while I'm quilting. ^_^

There was no real point to this post other than point out how silly I was and how great a darning foot is.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My take

I couldn't really find a good picture of a 16x16 black mage for Final Fantasy. So I did the best I could.

Here is what I came up with.

I showed it to some other people and they were like what a cute smurf...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Finally done with it. I think it turned out pretty good. ^_^

Sunday, August 3, 2008

uh oh

So I finished piecing it. it took about 3 hours... not so bad for quilting 256 1.5 squares together. ^_^

I was already to quilt it and guess what... I can't find my bobby pins... *sad face*

Friday, August 1, 2008


During comic con a bunch of people asked my brother if he sold his hand made stuff online. He said no. I told him he could probably sell it on etsy. He asked how it worked. To be honest I didn't know.

Anyways I thought I would try to sell something on esty so I could tell him about it. I thought and thought... during these times I don't feel very smart because I really couldn't come up with anything!

Then I was inspired... I like to quilt and I like vidoe games... I'll quilt a video game character and try to sell it.

Some people have already done that... darn not the first person with this idea, but their items are all plain colors and mine will be from what ever is in my stash and the only solid color I have in my stash is black.

Well we will see how it turns out. I'll post a picture as soon as I can! ^_^