Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mystery quilt kind of going - part 2

Okay now I'm on part 6 and 7... that only took me a week to get to

Here's a picture of all my part 5 have square triangles. At different stages. The second to the left top are just cut but needs to be opened (I'm following the modern quilt books suggestion about opening up seams rather than having them to one side). The left top are opened up seams that need to be ironed. Bottom left are ironed, middle bottom is the other side of the ironed half square triangles so you can see I'm splitting the seam.

The bottom right is part 6, I have to make 48 of those and another 48 with the accent color going the other way.

The top right is part 7, I have make 48 of those and another 48 with the colors going the other way.

I have never felt less accomplished with the amount of work I have put into this quilt so far. I think because these parts are so tiny. We are working with 2" squares here and we have to make 96 of almost everything!

I hope to get passed this and on to part 8 by the end of the week. I don't know though...