Saturday, July 21, 2007

basting and quilting the bento box top

So last night, even though I went with my friends to get the harry potter book, oh my gosh borders was such a mad house. I am never doing that again!

I came home around 1am and decided I wanted to finally bast my bento box quilt

Here's some pictures of it.

This is me setting up the backing for it. It was kind of hard to find space in my living room for it. But I some how managed.

I was half way done pinning it around 3am. It was going pretty well. I learned a lot from doing it the wrong way the first time. I think this will go a lot better. *nods*

Finally I finished pinning it this morning. I was about 70% last night before I thought hm.. it's 4:30 am maybe I should get some sleep. This morning I got up and started pinning again.

And now I'm here quilting it. It's going to be pretty simple. I'm just going to follow the pattern lines. So if you flip the quilt to the back you can see the bento box in the quilt lines. Well that's my plan. I think I'll be at the binding by tonight. And then it will take me a month to finish hand blind stitching it!

christmas blocks!

I got a new block tool, so exciting! I started quilting blocks from it with my Christmas fabric. My Christmas quilt will be crazy when I put all the blocks for it together.

Well here are the blocks I made from my block tool.

I like the top block more. I think the second block is too busy. Hey look I can tell when something is too busy! ^_^

thread ran out!

My thread finally gave out. Good thing I sort of knew this would happen and got new thread. Comparing the two, I thought wow I went through a lot of thread!!